Top Picks for 2017


ReportPortfolio Highlights January 2017

(Research Department - January 2017)

This Needham & Company, LLC research report includes Needham's Top Picks for 2017 by each of our Senior Analysts

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Equity Research

Needham & Company, LLC’s primary goal in equity research is to provide in-depth, domain knowledge and deliver our analysis to a discerning and specialized institutional client base. We seek to find strong, well-managed companies that represent both value and growth opportunities to investors. As a result, Needham is now considered to be a premier source of investment advice among specialty investment banks, recognized for our breadth and depth of insight and timeliness of service. Our clients receive detailed, up to date information with a specific point of view.

The Needham research department is powered by a team of highly experienced analysts focusing on more than 350 growth companies in the following industries:

  • Clean Technology
  • Communications
  • Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Healthcare 
  • Industrial & Diversified Growth
  • Internet, Digital Media & Consumer
  • Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment
  • Software & Services

Our analysts strive to uncover industry and company developments before they are widely known, understanding events as they evolve and disseminating the facts as soon as they are verified, including stock ratings and earnings estimate changes.

As a research client, you receive a wide variety of reports and publications to assist your investment decision making. These include Portfolio Highlights, a monthly review, along with several daily reports on individual companies and a variety of industry analyses. We have also developed special in-depth reports covering broad thematic industry conditions and timely reports focused on developing sector conditions, including specific stock highlights and recommendations.


Equity Research