Electro Scientific Industries, Inc.

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Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. 
Industrial & Diversified Growth 
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Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ESIO), a leading supplier of innovative laser-based manufacturing solutions for the microtechnology industry, announced that it has acquired EOLITE Systems, a Pessac, France based designer and manufacturer of unique fiber lasers. ESI paid approximately $10 million in cash for 100% of the outstanding shares of EOLITE Systems. The acquisition provides ESI direct access to differentiated, higher power fiber laser technology, which can be used in a broad set of microfabrication applications. EOLITE‚Äôs differentiation is in the use of rod type photonic crystal fiber, which generates higher power and stores more energy than flexible fibers. The acquisition of EOLITE provides ESI the ability to customize lasers to specific applications for differentiated capability and lower cost. Needham & Company acted as exclusive financial advisor to Electro Scientific Industries on this transaction. 
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Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: ESIO) is a leading supplier of innovative, laser-based manufacturing solutions for the microtechnology industry. Our systems enable precise structuring and testing of micron to submicron features in electronic devices, semiconductors, LEDs and other high-value components. We partner with our customers to make breakthrough technologies possible in the microelectronics, semiconductor and other emerging industries. Founded in 1944, ESI is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with global operations from the Pacific Northwest to the Pacific Rim.  
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