Needham Networking, Communications & Security Conference



Security, Networking, Communications, Technical Services Software, NFV. The Needham Networking, Communications & Security Conference offered a day of focused discussion on the trends driving these markets and the companies providing these technologies. Multi-Tenant Cloud architectures, increasing SaaS business models, network core architectures are critical to the success in an increasingly SaaSy Cloudy world. The 2018 edition of our Networking, Communications and Security Conference included some of the leading companies ushering in this upheaval in the markets, offering institutional investors and venture capitalists, the type thoughtful and timely insights they have come to expect from the event. There was a strong representation from the core optical under-pinnings to the network architectural players to the application security and management solutions. Finally, on the service front, cloud-based service providers in the UCaaS and CPaaS spaces were included. One-on-one meetings were available for qualified investors.